Automate your Synchs and Migrations

Concordant is the Premiere High-Speed Enterprise Data Synchs and Migrations Solution to manage your data across diverse tech stacks securely while managing permissions on the fly

Enterprise is looking for

  • World-class expertise on file sync and migration.
  • Best Practices for Unstructured data management.
  • Unstructured data discovery, migration, and Sync across cloud and on-prem.

We offer a one-stop solution for Enterprise Data Management by offering

Customizable Solution – Tailored solution for unique enterprise environments involving multiple systems, diverse network setups, with scale, security and compliance.

Professional Services – The Concordant team can assist you with cloud storage migration including a fully managed service offering.

We have the industry experience and battle tested best practices that we can utilize for the most complex data sync and migration scenarios.

In short, Concordant offers a holistic approach to data management with Job Scheduling, Alerts, Logs, Reports, Dashboards, Notifications, and web enabled UI for ease of use.

Supported Systems

Supported Methods

How it Works

Information in Multiple Silos does not help the user

Concordant’s bidirectional synchronization helps you integrate and synchronize on-prem file servers and systems with various cloud services. With Concordant, you can create complete transparency and protect your legacy investments by remaining compliant and secure. At the same time, you will be empowered to choose the cloud service that best serves your business needs.

Key Features We Offer

Sync Files and Folders seamlessly

Concordant facilitates uni-directional, bi-directional, recurring, or one-time synchs between a variety of systems with an easy-to-use interface that allows a no-code approach for handling sensitive data in complex systems

Configure your sync with a click of a button

Exclude or include files based on file types, limit the sync to a specific file type, and compare the metadata associated with files at source and target to direct and optimize sync automatically. 

Asset Permissions Configuration & Mapping

Concordant supports permissions configuration and mapping between multiple systems. Permissions Mapping allows better control and governance of data by ensuring that the file or folder is synced with the right set of permissions for user access and processing. 

Alerts, Logging, And Reporting

Concordant offers configurable alert types at various levels so that the data administrator can remain in the know. Concordant also offers expansive event logging within the UI which helps with compliance and troubleshooting. A variety of reports are available pre, during and post operation.

Back Up & Restoration

Sync can be configured to back up and restore in case of catastrophe or failure. Backup settings can be configured at various levels such as organization, systems, and synch.

Easy to Use, No Code UI

Concordant offers a UI that is intuitive and easy to navigate. It allows the user a bird’s eye view of all the systems in use as well as affords a drill down to the specific data source file, folder, and users.


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