Convert & Retain More Subscribers With Marketing Automation

​How many opportunities to acquire new customers are you missing out on each day? 

When acquiring new customers for your software business, chasing the almighty recurring dollar, there are many opportunities for failure:

A person might...

  • Visit your site, and never come back.
  • See a free trial and never sign up.
  • Try out your tool for a week (or 5 minutes), and never convert.
  • Use your software for a month or two, then bail.

You can take the pipeline approach: As revenue flows out one in, you keep more coming in the door. You write articles, guest posts, and weekly newsletters. You talk on podcasts, call prospects on the phone, and book demo after demo after demo.

These Tactics Work, But They Do Not Scale

You can only produce so much content, or be in so many places at once. Most of these tactics have two outcomes:

  • They pay off once, with a short burst of traffic & hopefully new paying subscribers.
  • Nothing.

So you have two options: you keep running on this hamster wheel, or your company dies.

How to Get Off The Hamster Wheel

Instead of working on one-off shots, you work on building assets that pay dividends. Why work for a single paycheck when instead you can work on creating assets they pay you dividends over and over, right? That is why you're in the SaaS game.

Quit Doing Marketing Work and Start Building Marketing Assets

What if instead of writing a newsletter every week, you could send every one content they have not seen, even if you did not publish anything new? What if you had systems in place to automatically augment every part of the funnel:

  • Lead capture systems tailored specifically to your user’s persona, so you get more leads coming back.
  • Evergreen newsletters and launch sequences that send without you needing to publish another piece of content.
  • Tailored free trials that help each user get the exact help they need, so they are getting so much value out of your app that they can’t wait to pay you.
  • Safety nets that catch revenue leaks like credit card failures and cancellations.

One Problem: How Does All Of This Actually Work?  

I am a career engineer who’s built and launched multiple start-up apps, and now I am applying that engineering knowledge to help companies build scalable, profitable marketing automation systems.

If you are satisfied with your current work-to-revenue balance in your business, then great! You can stop here.

However, If you want to increase revenue without increasing labor or overhead here's how we can get started: 

A Custom Tailored Actionable Plan for Your Business

Stop wasting time on features and efforts that don't move the needle for you and instead build systems that lead to the ultimate marketing dream: Being able to reliably put one dollar into your business, and get two or more dollars out. 

Still Not Sure? 

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